Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd was formed in 1972. Today, we are one of the biggest rice distributors in Malaysia.

Our range of high quality products are widely distributed throughout the country mainly hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and traditional sundry shops.

Plant and Machinery
In 1995, Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd invested in state-of-the-art computerized machinery from Japan and today we are the most advanced re-processing and re-packing rice plant in South East Asia.

Besides our investment in advanced machineries, another aspect which we are widely recognized for, is our QUALITY. Our Quality Control Department ensures the products are of the highest quality, thus the rice only require to be rinsed once.

In 1997, Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd has expanded its operation throughout North and South. Two of its branches are located in Penang and Johor with its name of Khoo Swee Hock Holdings Sdn Bhd (Penang Branch) and Dragon Hubs Sdn Bhd (Johore Branch).

Rice Mill
In year 2001, Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd has invested in rice milling which is located in North ~ Evergreen Rice Mill (M) Sdn Bhd.

Hock Ju Recognition Achievement
In July 2001, Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd was awarded the 29th International Trophy for Quality (New Millennium Award) Frankfurt Germany, the first Malaysian rice manufacturer awarded. This award has clearly certified that rice produced by Hock Ju Edar has lived up to international standards.

At present, Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd has been recognized as a RICE SPECIALIST in Malaysia.

The latest recognition SUPERBRAND AWARD 2005 received by Hock Ju will further enhance "Dragon & Thai King" brand image and strengthen its marketing position in Malaysia.

Product Range
Hock Ju has a strong portfolio in rice categories, which are Thai Fragrant, Siamese, Thai White, Local, Glutinous, Basmathi, Calrose and Unpolished Rice. Besides that, we also carry varieties of healthy foods such like Calcium and Unpolished Rice.

Apart from strong portfolios in rice categories, Hock Ju also proud of the leading rice brands in Malaysia such as Thai King, Dragon and Floral.

Logistics & Warehousing
Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd proud with its 30-years experience in rice logistics and warehousing.

Our logistics and warehouse's commitment is to ensure the goods are kept in good conditions, ensure the good reach consumer hands are fresh and in good quality, prompt delivery goods to customers.

Our logistics and warehouse are always committed to deliver the good to the customers within 24 hours after receiving order from the customers.

Through years of dedication and commitments, Hock Ju Edar Sdn Bhd can proudly maintain the policy of :

  • Customer No1
  • Service No1
  • Quality No1

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